A Little History Behind Our Institute

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Sensei Edward Contreras (Rokudan)

What We Can Do For You

 We can train you to defend yourself and we hope to learn Aikido is far more than just a Martial Art. Aikido sincerely is a way of life. The Art and philosophy of Aikido are beautiful and can be life changing. We understand the misconceptions about Aikido. We respect all other Martial Arts at this Institute and believe this is a fundamental all the Arts ascribe to. If you've never taken an Aikido class we encourage you to join us for a free class. 

Get to know us...

    The Southern Institute of Aikido's primary location is in McAllen,Tx. Our dojo's main goal is to develop and train future Aikido Instructors. Sensei Contreras is currently the Chief Instructor (Shihan) for the Institute and has been training in Aikido for more than 40 years. Sensei spent more than 25 years in the U.S. Army Armoured Calvary division and used to train our soldiers in Aikido while stationed or deployed. 


    Unfortunately, there were times in his military career where Aikido was necessary, however he sought to train those in his unit as he always has to avoid conflict where possible. Sensei Contreras does not believe Aikido or any martial art should be used simply to prove a person is capable of injuring anyone. On this premis, the Institute trains anyone wishing to learn self defense, recently reopening a womens class and offering inclusive LGBT+ Self Defense classes. The Southern Institute of Aikido respects and participates in anti-bullying community projects and welcomes anyone interested in studying Aikido. 

The Southern Institue of Aikido is honored to have Sifu Ding teach Tai Chi

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  Sifu has been teaching Tai Chi Chen Style for over 40 years and continues to train all his students. We are honored to have him teach with the Institute and look forward to his instruction.