What We Offer 

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What We Offer

  • Aikido
  • Taichi
  • Weapons Training
  • Self Defense
  • Womens Classes
  • Childrens Classes
  • No Payment Contracts
  • (Introductory FREE Class)
  • LGBT+ Inclusive 
  • Deaf Community Inclusive Aikido taught in American Sign Language
  • Family Monthly Rate Plans
  • Affordable Monthly Tuition

We are here for you.

 Often times we recieve questions related to Aikido or self defense in general. We look forward to hearing from you about any of the programs we have to offer. 

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Tuition Contracts? 

 Our Institute does not believe in tuition contracts. We think you should be free to choose to stay or leave your training as you please. We believe it goes against the spirit of Aikido and training in Martial Arts to lock someone into a tuition contract. This being said we do ask all our students to sign a waiver of liability because Aikido is a Martial Art and as such injuries may occur (it's very rare). Our training methods are safe and we are extremely focused on making sure the fundamentals in the training have been fully understood before advancing the instruction etc. Also, considering tuition contracts, we believe in affordable monthly tuition and offer family rate plans. 

Training Equipment

 We have dojo training equipment available to train with while in class, however we encourage everyone to purchase their own training equipment or Aikido uniforms should they decide to continue taking lessons at our Institute. The uniforms and equipment can be purchased directly from the Institute. Sensei is very understanding about affordability and will always do his best to work with everyone if they speak with him about it.

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Affordable Monthly Tuition

   Our Aikido Classes are $50.00 per month per person however family rates are available. Discounts are also available to those who aren't able to attend all the classes but would still be available at least once per week. Please speak with Sensei about any discounts. Thanks.